The 5 (or so) Simple Steps to Legal Online Ordination

In this article you’ll learn how to get ordained online legally to perform weddings in the United States.

And I’ll show you how step-by-step. 

But first, I’m going to assume a thing or two about you:

  1. You are not looking to get ordained to start a mega-church; or,
  2. Build a religious mission to convert heathens in some far away land; or
  3. Become a TV evangelist with your own fashion line.

Instead, I’m guessing your college roommate (probably the girl who never shaved her legs and swore all men were gorillas) is now getting married to her shaving for her weddingprince charming.  And she wants you to perform the ceremony!

You may have heard that you can become a minister online and perform weddings.

And from what you can gather so far, all you have to do is buy a certificate online and it’s legal?

You’re probably thinking this whole thing is a joke or scam.  But let me assure you, it really is as easy as buying your ordination certificate online.

Should it be this easy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I’m not here to judge. 

But know this, just because the entire ordination process is easy doesn’t mean it’s a scam.  In fact, getting ordained online represents one of our countries most treasured and protected rights – the Freedom of Religion.  God Bless the US and the 1st Amendment!

Seriously though, our United States Constitution allows every religion to ordain whomever it likes to act as representatives and ministers of its faith and beliefs.  Meaning, if a religion decides to ordain its ministers online, they are protected to exercise their religious beliefs however they like.

Ministers ordained online have performed millions of legal weddings in the United States.

But if you still think the whole thing sounds scammy or fake, you can always enroll in an actual seminary school (aka Divinity Program) to get ordained.  There are tons of options if you want to spend a few years and $20,000+ to get ordained.

To ease your troubled mind – how about instead you try this – contact the local county clerk of courts where you want to perform weddings.

So let’s say you live in Texas.  Your friend lives in and is getting married in Dallas County.  You would contact the government office that issues Marriage Licenses in that county.
(Google something like “dallas county marriage license”.)

You would ask the friendly government employee that answers the phone the requirements to perform a wedding in Dallas County.

If Dallas County is similar to almost every county in the United States they will say, “You need to send in a copy of your ordination papers.”

don't screw up the wedding ceremony or face this bride

Then ask, “What if I was ordained online?”.  They’ll say, “No problem, just send in a copy of your ordination papers.”

That’s it.

Again, the process might differ slightly in your county, but basically it comes down to getting your ordination papers.

Get yours here: Get Ordination Papers

Anyhow, here are the steps to get legally ordained online quickly and easily:

1. Google or search for: get ordained online
Pick an online organization that offers online ordinations
Fill in the required information – usually your full name, address and email
Enter credit card information
(Warning: many online organizations offer “free ordinations”.  But they will charge you if you want ordination papers – which you need if you want to perform legal marriages.)
You are instantly ordained

Optional steps I highly recommend:

6. Perform insanely beautiful weddings
Quit your job
8. Move to an island and make lots of money as an officiant
9. Destroy your liver on rum punch
(*These are the exact steps I followed.)

If the above steps need more explaining, I’ve gone a little deeper below.

1. A quick Google search

No mystery here.  Google has links to all online organizations providing credentials to perform weddings.  

Type in: “get ordained online” 

The first page or two of search results covers most of the organizations.

Or just click here: Get Ordained Now

2. Pick one

Here’s an in-depth discussion of the top religious organizations: The 5 Best Places to Get Ordained.

They all offer the same service – ordaining people to perform weddings.

Some of the ordination websites sell knick knacks and fancy certificates, etc.  But here at Wanderlust all we can offer you is love, rum and instruction on how to perform the most beautiful weddings in the world.

3. Provide required information

Most of the online ordination companies require a name, mailing address and email.  This isn’t hard work.

Some of them will also require that you affirm their beliefs.  But what’s most important is that your credit card works and you’re a real person.

 4. Pay the piper

Every online ministry that I’m aware of requires you pay for your ordination credentials.  So, while they may offer “free” ordination, you still have to pay them money if you want to perform weddings.

When you see “free” online ordination you aren’t actually ready to perform a legal wedding.  You will need the physical certification documents which will cost you.

5. You’re now ordained

Feel the rush of power.  It may take a week or so to received your paperwork.  But you are now armed with what you need to solemnize weddings.

A few jurisdictions may also require a letter of good standing.  When performing a wedding you’ll want to check with the local government office that issues marriage licenses to find out the actual process (call them or check online).

Now you must decide if you are “Pastor”, “Padre”, “Reverend” or “Anointed One”.

6. Perform amazing weddings

Most of our ministers are ordained so that they can perform weddings.  Amazing, beautiful and stunning weddings.  It’s easy.  Find a script, practice and have fun. 

Here are some resources for crushing your first wedding:

The Ultimate Guide: How to Officiate Your First Wedding

As far as scripts go, try searching for “wedding ceremony script“.  You can also can check out this:

The 7 Most Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Scripts…Ever

7. Quit your job

You didn’t like your job anyway.

If you find you really had a great time performing the wedding, why not perform another, and then another.

It won’t be long until your wedding schedule fills up.

8. Pick an island and pack your bags

Wedding officiants can make some serious money.  When you’re ready, you can check out: How to make money as a wedding minister.


9. Optional step

Spend your new found time and money on whatever you like.  I chose the ‘destroy-my-liver-on-a-beach’ route.


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