It takes 3 or 4 minutes to become an ordained minister.  

I’m specifically referring to how long it takes to become an ordained minister online.  

If, only the other hand, you are referring to getting a Master of Divinity or Theological Studies from a seminary, you are looking at around 7-8 years of post-high school education.

But we’ll assume for today’s discussion that you are interested in performing a wedding for a family member or friend.

In the United States, the Constitution provides for the free exercise of religion.  Which basically means the government won’t involve itself in how people choose to practice their own religion.

Most traditional religions (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, etc.) require significant training and schooling to become a teacher/minister/pastor/rabbi within their respective faiths.

Today, as the world evolves, the internet has spawned organizations such as Universal Life Church and Wanderlust Bay Ministries. 

These spawn are no different or less significant in the eyes of the law as any other religion or religious group.
(There are thousands of articles discussing online ministers and their legal standing.  If you want to read further, check out Is Getting Ordained Online Legal?

And if these new religious organizations choose to reduce the time required to become a minister from 8 years to 3 minutes, well that’s just fine with our Founding Fathers.

What this means for you, my dear reader, is if you would like to get ordained, you need only fill in a few blanks. 

For example, with Wanderlust Bay Ministries, we need to know your basic contact information and legal name.  From there you are officially an ordained minister with us. 

If you want to perform weddings legally all you’ll need are the certified ordination papers.  Those you can order from us at your leisure.

And that’s it!  If you are handy with typing and the spelling of your own name, you could be ordained in under 1 minute. 

So test yourself, see how fast you can get ordained.


Get Ordained Now with Wanderlust Bay Ministries


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