Perform the most beautiful wedding in the world.

Become The World’s Greatest Wedding Officiant

Getting ordained to perform weddings is easy. But actually performing a ceremony?

Well, that’s a different story.

I guess you could find a ceremony script online, print it off and then read it word for word at the wedding. You could do that. But you’ll be mediocre at best.

And who wants that?

It’s our mission to ordain and train our ministers to perform the greatest, most electrifying and spectacular ceremonies in the history of weddings.

And we’ll bet you a bottle of cheap rum that no one will help you like we can.

So get ordained with us and let us show you how to perform historic weddings.

1. Get Ordained Instantly

With Wanderlust Bay Ministry you’ll be a licensed minister and able to perform weddings throughout the United States and its Territories.
It’s too easy really. Just enter your credit card information. And be a real person. That’s it. You’re legal.

2. Receive Your Ordination Papers

We’ll send your ordination papers to you. They are sent USPS Priority. These are the papers you may need to present to a clerk in your local marriage office.

3. Learn Secrets of Wedding Officiant Master

Once you are a minister with Wanderlust Bay, you’ll receive a series of short videos going over how to perform a wedding ceremony. You will be confident and ready to crush any wedding thrown your way.

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