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9715 ESTATE THOMAS, #123

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How long does it take to become ordained?

5 minutes.

After you’re ordained, we ship the papers USPS Priority Mail.

We can overnight your papers as well ($24.99 for overnight anywhere in the world)

Can I perform Legal Weddings?

Yes, in almost every state and territory in the USA.  If you live in New York, Pennsylvania or Virginia, please Contact Us before becoming ordained.

Our ordained ministers are also able to perform legal weddings throughout the world.

BEWARE…some “online ordination factories” have lists of states and requirements for performing weddings in each state.  Many of them contain false, incomplete or outdated information.

Our team of attorneys has provided us the most current and complete requirements.

So email us to find out about your area.

How does it work?

The cost to be ordained as a Wanderlust Officiant is $59 and includes all necessary paperwork to perform legal weddings.

As soon as you receive your papers, depending on the laws of the wedding destination, you can immediately perform weddings.  To ensure your ordination is accepted and legal in the wedding jurisdiction, please Contact Us or check out Is Getting Ordained Online Legal?.