How Long does an Online Ordination Last?

The organization that ordains you sets the length of your ordination.

Some religious organizations ordain you for a fixed term.

Wanderlust Bay Ministries ordains its minister for life.


So basically, as long as you don’t abuse your power, you can perform weddings until they pull the old minister after wedding reception

I, for one, plan on marrying people, crashing buffets and flirting with bridesmaids into my 80s and 90s.

When getting ordained online you’ll want to check with the FAQ page or inquire directly with the organization.  Every organization sets the rules by which its ministers can act.   

As far as the legality of all this, the states and counties determine the rules for who can perform weddings.  The states don’t put any restrictions on the term of ordination.

BUT PLEASE:  Always confirm the local marriage laws and requirements for performing weddings.

The clerk in the county issuing the marriage license will typically only require a copy of ordination papers.  Some also require a Letter of Good Standing dated within 30 or 60 or 90 days of the wedding.  This is rare, but it’s a letter from the online minister organization that states the minister is still ordained.

For those online organizations that require a renewal of the ordination, they set the details for costs and duration.

But why bother renewing your ordination and paying additional fees, when you can just get ordained once and have it last forever?


So let’s GET ORDAINED and start spreading some wedding love! 




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