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How It Works:

1. Get ordained online

You will receive an email confirming your online ordination immediately & receive your papers within 3-4 days.  If you’re in a pinch, we can overnight the papers as well.

2. Call courthouse

Contact the Clerk’s Office in whichever county the couple is getting the marriage license. Some require a copy of your Ordination Papers.  Others do not.

3. Marry couple

After you perform the ceremony, sign the marriage license and the newlyweds will file it with the Clerk’s Office.  And that’s it!

“Pay us and you’ll be ordained”

– to quote every other online “church” or ministry.

We get it, you’re probably getting ordained to perform a ceremony for a family member or friend.

There are websites that allow you to “click your way to a wedding ministry”.  

But here’s one thing we know for sure…

having a piece of paper saying you’re a minister won’t help you perform a beautiful wedding.

And isn’t the point of officiating a wedding ceremony to make it amazing and unforgettable?

Well, get ordained with Wanderlust Bay, and your legend as an officiant will spread.

Become Ordained and Receive Minister Video Training

Perform Legal Weddings

Our ordained ministers can perform legal weddings throughout the USA and US Territories.

Extensive Assistance/Training

Learn through our guides and phone and email support how to officiate an amazing wedding.

Minister Community

When getting ordained online with us, you’ll be following in the footsteps of wedding giants.  Our officiants have performed thousands of weddings.

"The Ministers and Officiants from Wanderlust Bay are the Best in the World"

Michael, a Wanderlust Bay Minister, travels the world as a wedding officiant.

What started as a favor for his brother to officiate his wedding, Michael is now one of the most sought after wedding ministers in the world.

     Ryan & Katie #2 LRL

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It’s time to blow people’s minds.

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