About Wanderlust Bay (and Amber and Mike)

We’re Amber and Island Mike.  We are the creators and curators for Wanderlust Bay.  We’re also slightly obsessed wedding fanatics.

We plan and design wedding ceremonies and receptions for couples in the Caribbean.  Our expertise comes from creating the most unforgettable and spectacular weddings in the galaxy.

the island motylinski at the airport

Us and our island brood heading on an adventure.

(Our other superpower is making beautiful babies.)

What is Wanderlust Bay?

We’ve put our years of wedding experience into helping couples have a gorgeous wedding ceremony.

Notice we are not here to plan your entire wedding.  We instead focus exclusively on the wedding ceremony.

We do this by:

-Take all the searching and stressing out of finding the perfect wedding ceremony wording.

-Give you the essentials for wedding day etiquette.

-Share with you fun and meaningful ways to beautify your wedding ceremony.


The ceremony is the center of the wedding universe…or at least should be.

Without the ceremony, there is no open bar.  There is no buffet, no drunken best man speech.  And there is no dance floor.

And yet the ceremony is often the most neglected part of the wedding.  Often relegated to a quick Google search for “wedding ceremony script” two days before the wedding.

Not planning adequately for the ceremony is kinda like the performers on the Oscars and Grammy’s showing up the night of the event without rehearsing.  It’s bound to end in disaster or at least appear unorganized and uninspired.  Everyone remembers the screw ups.

The beauty and pageantry of the Oscars comes from the over the top performances and incredible choreography.

So we want to give you everything you need for a flawless ceremony and without moments people will be snickering about behind your back or talking about for the next 30 years.