About Me

I perform weddings for a living.

It’s a great living.  But I wasn’t always in the wedding business.

I used to be a trial attorney.

I loved trial work.

But it was a tough life.  Long hours.  High-stakes and high-stress.

So I decided to make a change.

Just 2 weeks after making closing arguments in a first-degree murder trial, I was standing on a beach in front of 2 people in the Caribbean while they recited their vows.  Toes in the sand at the water’s edge sharing in one of life’s great moments…

I haven’t been in a courtroom since.

So how does a lawyer with 10 years of experience and dozens of major criminal trials under his belt become a wedding officiant that now performs 200+ weddings a year?

Was it because I had contacts in the wedding industry?  Not really, I didn’t know a soul.

And it certainly wasn’t because I had always dreamed about making a living as a wedding officiant or because I had any knowledge or experience with weddings.

But doggone if life doesn’t present forks in the road.  Choices.  Moments of decision.

the island motylinski at the airport

Me and my island brood off on an adventure.

The first moment that set the stage for my dream life was while I was still practicing law in Cleveland, Ohio.  I had a family member ask me to perform his wedding.  So I jumped online, paid $35 and got ordained.

And from performing that first wedding, a steady stream of family and friends ask me to perform their weddings.

I was practicing law full-time but found my weekends filled with weddings throughout the year.

After moving to the Caribbean to practice to law, I must have mentioned to someone that I was ordained because out of the blue I received a call from the Marriott Resort in St. Thomas.  They were in desperate need of an officiant for a wedding and asked me to stand in.

I answered the call of duty.  And the rest is history.

Sort of…

At first I performed 2-3 weddings a month for the resort when they needed a backup to their regular officiant.  It was a nice extra side income.  Fun money.

But eventually I decided to focus all my energy on growing my business as a wedding officiant.

And now, 12 months later and I can say with absolute confidence that I have the life most only dream about.  I officiate hundreds of weddings a year throughout the Caribbean.

And you want to know the crazy part?  Anyone can do this.

So whether you want a nice side income, or you want to run away to the islands and perform monster weddings every day, I have the blueprint for making it happen.

Until then, I’ll be sitting on a beach with a frozen drink in hand waiting to hear from you.