About Wanderlust Bay (and Amber and Mike)

the island motylinski at the airport

Island Mike and Amber with our mocha-colored island brood.

Welcome to Wanderlust Bay Ministries.

We’re Amber and Island Mike, the founders of Wanderlust.

What is Wanderlust Bay Ministries?

We are a ministry of wedding officiants.  Our officiants have performed thousands of weddings all over the United States and the Caribbean.

Our mission is to ordain and help ministers officiate the most beautiful weddings in the world.

We live in the United States Virgin Islands, a United States Territory.

We are religious organization and ordain wedding ministers in every state and US Territory.

When getting ordained with us, you’ll be able to perform weddings throughout the United States.


Getting ordained should be easy.

Performing a wedding should be fun.

The ceremony is the center of the wedding universe…or at least should be.

Without the ceremony, there is no open bar.  There is no buffet, no drunken best man speech.  And there is no dance floor.

And yet the ceremony is often the most neglected part of the wedding.

And if you’re not properly prepared for the ceremony, well let’s just say everyone remembers the screw ups.

So we want to give you everything you need for a flawless ceremony without embarrassing moments people will be snickering about behind your back or laughing about for the next 30 years.

So be confident getting ordained with us and be sure to read How To Officiate a Wedding.

Once you are ordained into our organization, you will always be able to reach out to me personally.  Call or email me to discuss wedding etiquette, ceremony wording and wedding traditions.

You should feel confident that we are not just another online ordination site that sends you a piece of paper and leaves you to the wolves.

So please, take advantage of our unmatchable knowledge and experience on all matters related to weddings.

Thank you and looking forward to having you join us!